Interior Redesign & Home Staging


“I am so pleased with the results of the surprise office makeover we did for my husband. “B” planned the room layout perfectly. I was at a loss, and never could have done it so well by myself. “B” was right on the money in the suggestions made. The game table she suggested and found has been such a wonderful addition to our family time! The colors in the room all work so well together now. It went from being the ugliest, most cluttered room in the house to the most beautiful!

I appreciate all of the money saving tips given me as I searched for items I wanted to purchase for the room. “B” helped me get a lot more for my money. I have told lots of friends how great “B”s redesign services are, and I can’t wait to work with you again!”

– J. Beck

“B” is the consummate professional and my personal home stager of choice. I have had the pleasure of working with her on many of my listings, all of which resulted in successful sales, some even in record time! “B”s talent never ceases to amaze me, and she comes up with some of the most creative staging solutions, all while paying close attention to each client’s individual needs and budgets. My clients all enjoyed their experience with B, and I, for one, believe the use of her services is one of the best investments I made in the marketing of my listings!”

– Diane Crawford, Keller Williams Realty

“Eric and I have been working with B since the purchase of our new home in March of 2008. What a great experience. She truly made magic happen with furniture we already had, worked in creative and cost effective solutions to help bring light and character to a new house and really took the time to understand our tastes and deliver a beautifully decorated home. Thank you B – our house is now a home with such warmth and inviting style. We couldn’t have done it without you!”

– Gretchen Mueller

“Our home now looks like a model. We had no idea how to arrange and accessorize our family room bookcases and mantle. Your selections and design are incredible. We love it.”

– Steve and Deb

“I would never have thought of some the creative ways you worked to beautify our home. Your creativity, resourcefulness, eye for detail, and color are unparallel. You know where to go, what to select and how to place things to truly create beautiful rooms.”

– M. Thompson

“You staged our home and now we don’t want to leave. I want you to come to my new home and help me put it all together.”

– A. Strickland

“My home went from the ugly duckling to the crown prince. Your taste is impeccable. You ability to select just the right piece and place it in just the right manner is wonderful. My rooms are beautiful, functional, warm and relaxing, just as promised. I have never felt so good in my home.”

– C. Bierks

“Thank you for your time and preparation of the “Staging Plan of Action”. We now know exactly how to arrange each room to enhance the benefits of our house. We know we will outshine the competition.”

– T. McKinley

B came to our house and I feared I had made a bad color choice for my kitchen/family room. I was panicking because I had just finished replacing the table, counter tops, back splash and appliances –and quite frankly, I had spent almost my entire budget and I didn’t love how it looked. B to the rescue!! When she walked in, I had three different window panels hanging and random artwork propped up against all the walls.   She took one look at the room and told me, “The color is great, the furniture arrangement is all wrong.”  We moved everything around, she recommended some new window treatments for both rooms (none of the three I chosen were working) and she explained how to better display the artwork and accessories I already had. Then she helped develop a decorating plan for when I was ready to take the next step.

B had a great eye for style and a gift for working within limited budgets, when needed. Before we tackled our next big project (the bonus room), I had her come out and make suggestions for the new furniture and how to arrange it. She is great to work with!

– Kristen Helou

Staging is an absolute MUST in today real estate market. Having B stage my homes has helped my listings sell quicker than the average within a neighborhood. She works extremely well with my sellers who have been  personalities types. She is very detailed and helps sellers disconnect for their house to becoming a product for the market.

Having B helps me that the presentation part off my plate so I can get more listings!

– Jane Campbell, Keller Williams Realty